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Bringing space down to Earth


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Space Signpost™ products use patent pending technology to extend people's experience of the space around them. If your business is in Earth orbit, your customers and the public at large can now experience your work in action.

A kinetic sculpture incorporating an electronic display tracks your satellite as it orbits the Earth. The satellite's distance from the sculpture's precise location is displayed on the indicator tracking its passage through space. A nearby screen shows a fully detailed, 3D view of your satellite above the globe (adorned with the latest cloud images). Users can switch between the satellites in your fleet (or any satellites you have an interest in). Interplanetary craft can be tracked as easily as satellites.

How it works
In addition to the satellite's keplerian elements (the basic information about a satellite's orbit) the system needs just three pieces of information: the sculpture's location, its orientation and the time of day. The distance and direction of the spacecraft are calculated from these data.

A Space Signpost installation typically includes a pair of electronic displays (one either side of the structure) and a central housing for the moving parts. Clever programming means that almost all aspects of the user experience can be controlled with ease. The branding, design, and functionality of the interface can be altered without re-programming.


Hubble in orbit

What Space Signpost products do for you
Space Signpost products are engineered to be flexible. Both the user experience and the moving device itself are easily customised. Space Signpost products can be

  • permanent installations in public areas
  • storable, portable devices

Both portable and fixed devices can be used for

  • promotion, and/or
  • education

Both portable and fixed devices scale to suit. We can build

  • small table top devices
  • large sculptural attractions that dominate public areas.

Conferences and trade fairs
When you take Space Signpost products to conferences and trade fairs, your audience engages directly with your products, which adds considerable value to any other marketing materials you produce.

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